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Services & Activities

We try to make it possible for our Service Users to live their lives as fully as possible, experiencing enjoyment and fulfillment.

In order to make this happen:-

  • We encourage Service Users to share with us as much information as possible about their social, cultural and leisure interests, as a basis for helping them during their period of residence in the home;

  • We try to help Service Users to continue to enjoy as wide a range of individual and group activities and interests as possible both inside and outside the home, to carry on with existing hobbies, pursuits and relationships, and to explore new avenues and experiences;

  • We try to ensure that the home is a real part of the local community, so in principle we encourage visitors to the home such as local councillors, members of parliament, representatives of voluntary organisations, students, school children and others. Naturally we respect the views of Service Users about whom they want to see or not to see.

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