Circle of Support

Caring for a service user requires collaboration between numerous parties. We recognise that the maintenance of the circle of support around a service user is a key part of the provision of care. For children, the circle of support is vital as they grow through the developmental years. This extends beyond just the care team within our homes, and may include;

Our childrens’ services are all committed to the Children Act, 1989, and or homes actively seek to promote engagement between service users and their circle of support. Our homes are committed to working closely with the child, the Placing Authority and the friends and relatives of the child in order to create a plan to encourage and support consistent contact We recognise that the legal situation regarding contact can be different between each child, so careful consideration is taken to ensure full compliance with any legal arrangements. Under normal circumstances, service users will be able to make private telephone calls and receive visitors in private surroundings. Child safety is a primary concern of the home, so the care team will ensure that private communication is safe for the child. An open-door policy is in effect for parents wishing to visit their child in the home, however this is subject to time restrictions should there be a disruptive effect on the needs of other young people in the home. Our friendly care team work to foster a positive rapport with natural family members, as we recognise the significant benefit this can have on the service user.

The care teams within our adult services work with the goal of acting in the best interest of our service users, and so they work in partnership with service users, their families and placing authorities to ensure this goal is met. If a Service User wishes, their friends and relatives are welcome to visit at any time convenient to the Service User and to become involved in daily routines and activities.