Glover House, Ashford

Glover House is a leading independent residential provision for adults with learning disabilities and associated complex needs.

Home Details


Located in an idyllic suburban area in the Kent town of Ashford, Glover House is a spacious 8-bedroom home offering care services to adults who have been identified as having the following needs:

  • physical disabilities;
  • sensory disabilities;
  • learning disabilities;
  • challenging behaviour;
  • autistic spectrum disorders;
  • dual and/or complex multiple disabilities.

We recognise an individual may still require support with their needs after they have turned 18, and so the warm and friendly care team at Glover House are able to offer industry leading care and support to enable its service users to continue to develop and prosper into their adult lives. At Glover House we have a clear goal – to provide outstanding levels of professional care in an environment that feels like home to our service users.



Driving for excellent accommodations

To create a ‘home away from home’ feel within Glover House, we have worked to ensure that our service users can enjoy the highest quality facilities within the home. We have 8 en-suite bedrooms available at Glover House, all of which are generously furnished, spacious and attractively decorated. To create a homely feeling, we encourage and assist service users in personalising their room with their own effects, creating an environment that reflects the vibrant personalities of our service users. Service users can also take advantage of the spacious communal spaces within the home, which include:

  • Laundry Room;
  • Kitchen;
  • Games Room;
  • Library/Computer Room;
  • Lounge with entertainment system;
  • Sensory Room;
  • Music Room;
  • Dining Room.

Glover House is equipped with modern kitchen and domestic appliances, and service users are supported and encouraged to assist the care team with domestic activities and chores around the home. We believe that the learning environment this creates within the home is crucial in equipping our service users with the skills needed to take care of their home away from home.

We recognise the importance of a healthy diet, and with this in mind we are able to offer comprehensive catering services to all service users. We aim to provide all service users with the right amount of nutrients whilst ensuring that individual tastes and preferences are accommodated. Our care staff have all completed Food Hygiene Training and actively encourage service users to be a part of the meal planning preparation process should the Individual’s’ care plan allow for this, demonstrating the person-centred approach to care we have practised for over 20 years. We also recognise the importance of catering when celebrating special events. Due to this, we are able to accommodate special meal requests to help service users celebrate special occasions.

Dining Rooms
Laundry Rooms
Sensory Room
Front Garden


Driving development through opportunity

We believe that we have a responsibility to ensure that our service users are given the opportunity to live as fulfilling and enjoyable lives as possible. We encourage service users to share their social, cultural and leisure preferences with us which we then use to create bespoke activities programmes for each service users. We also believe it is important to provide our service users with he opportunity to experience new activities and hobbies,, and so the care team within the home draw upon their creative thinking skills to devise new activities and hobbies for service users to experience both within the home and in the external environment.

We have also worked to ensure that Glover House is a part of the local community, allowing us to give service users the opportunity to become a part of the wider community. We have achieved this by encouraging visitors to the home such as local councillors, members of parliament, representatives of voluntary organisations, students, school children and others. Naturally we respect the views of Service Users about who they want to see and don’t want to see, and these views are incorporated into the decision-making process regarding visitors.


Glover House has 8 available places for both male and female adults, however we are unable to offer services to those requiring nursing care. We will work with in partnership with families and placing authorities to identify and meet individual needs. And to ensure an individual’s needs are compatible with the needs of our existing service users. Every service user will have an individual care plan developed for them along with a package of activities tailored to individual ability and preferences.

Based on our assessment, we will access relevant support services based on assessment or according to ongoing and developing needs, with the service user’s permission. Arrangements and funding for these will be discussed on an individual basis with the placing authority. Please contact our referrals team on 0800 7833 779, or complete our enquiry form to learn more about availability at Glover House.