Planned Placement

We have designed a thorough and robust set of processes to ensure that we are able to accommodate the needs of any potential service user whilst simultaneously ensuring they will be happy within one of our homes and that their needs are compatible with the needs of our other service users. Based upon the information we receive concerning a potential placement, an initial decision will be taken as to whether to proceed to the next stage, which will be for the Social Worker and key staff to meet in order to examine the service users placement plan in an attempt to decide if the home in question can accommodate the needs identified.

An initial decision to proceed to introductory visits will be based on:

N.B. The decision to proceed to the next stage will only be offered because the Home has a realistic belief that it can meet the needs of the service user as opposed to a first come, first served basis.
The first introductory visit will include the services user, family members if appropriate and the placing Social Worker. The aim is for the service user to view the Home, meet staff and be supported to ask any questions he/she may have. Consideration will have already been given as to which staff member may be allocated as the keyworker and this individual will make themselves available to meet the service user (and their family) and will ensure they are given the Statement of Purpose and Service Guide (Welcome Pack).

The Home will wait for confirmation that the service user (and their family) wish to proceed with the introduction process and this will involve a number of day and overnight stays, allowing for both the Home and the service user to formulate a view as to the viability of the proposed placement. (Every effort will be made to ensure that the keyworker is on duty on the introduction visits).

During this time, the Manager and Social Worker will remain in close liaison regarding the development of the Care Plan and proposed contract arrangements should the placement come to fruition.

A planning meeting will be convened in order for all relevant parties to discuss how successful the introductory visits have been and if positive, arrangements will be made to decide upon a moving in date. This meeting will be used to ensure that the Placing Agency and the Home are in full agreement as to the contents of the Care Plan and the contract details.